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1.  Walking (All The DJ’s Mix)
2.  Walking (Radio Edit)
3.  Walking (Clubbers’ Mix)

A1.  Neverland – Mato Grosso (Remix)
A2.  Techno Bert – Neue Dimensionen
A3.  Skila – Hypno Art
A4.  Digital Boy – Gimme A Fat Beat
A5.  2 In A Room – Wiggle It (Remix)
A6.  Digital Boy – Gimme A Fat Beat
A7.  Price 2 Pounds – Curiosity
A8.  Zanzaman – Pump Up The 1-2-0
A9.  Secchi – I Say Yeah (Remix)
A10. Atahualpa – La Furia Y El Condor
B1.  YBU – Keep It Up
B2.  Off Limits – Round And Round
B3.  End, The – Extasy Express
B4.  2 In A Room – Wiggle It (Remix)
B5.  FPI Project – Everybody
B6.  M.C.J. – (To Yourself) Be Free (Remix)
B7.  Dimples D – Sucker DJ’s
Aporte exclusivo para DJ Houser y Los 90 En MP3, cortesia de Nexus6… Material recomendado, dificil de conseguir…

1.  Uh La La La
2.  Number One
3.  Virtual Reality
4.  Because I Miss You
5.  Summer Is Crazy
6.  Another Way
7.  Me And You
8.  Hold On
9.  Looking For My Baby
10. Beat Of The Night
11. Number One (Spanish Version)
12. Make You Happy

1.  Uh La La La (Club Mix)
2.  Uh La La La (Cellular Mix)
3.  Uh La La La (Original Mix)
4.  Uh La La La (Acappella)

1.  Summer Is Crazy (Robyx Emotional Mix)
2.  Summer Is Crazy (Dado World Mix)
3.  Summer Is Crazy (Classic Euro Mix)
4.  Summer Is Crazy (Extra Bonus Mix)

1.  Summer Is Crazy (Classic Euro Mix)
2.  Summer Is Crazy (Radio Mix)
3.  Summer Is Crazy (Nightfly Mix)
4.  Summer Is Crazy (Blue Mix)

1.  Me And You (Radio Version)
2.  Me And You (Extended Euromix)
3.  Me And You (Voltage Mix)
4.  Me And You (Acappella)

Material cortesia de:  DJ Latigo  Y  Latigo’s Corner

1.  Number One (Spanish Club Mix)
2.  Number One (Spanish Euro Mix)
3.  Number One (Fun Fun Party Mix)
4.  Number One (Harley & Muscle Dub)

1.  Number One (Radio Mix)
2.  Number One (Club Short Mix)
3.  Number One (Euro Mix)
4.  Number One (Club Mix)
5.  Number One (Galaxy Mix)